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Book Club discussion questions below for individual Fifties Chix titles. An especially great read for mother-daughter book clubs, the Fifties Chix series offers adventure, history, pop culture (past and present), rich relationships and lots to think about for all ages--anchored in narrative driven by strong girl characters. Below are some questions book clubs may want to consider after reading the Fifties Chix books together. If you come up with additional questions you think other book clubs may want to consider, email us and submit them and we'll post them to this page.

Here are some questions for discussion at book club for the first Fifties Chix book, Travel to Tomorrow:

What did you most enjoy about the book?

What are the similarities and differences between the Fifties Chix five main characters?

Why do you think the main characters might not have been friends if they hadn't time traveled together? Why do you think they did become friends?

Which Fifties Chix character do you most identify with and why?

Which time period do you feel like you would fit into best? 1950s or present day, or another era?

Why do you think the author chose to have the girls start out in 1955? Is there anything special or remarkable about that era?

In what ways would life for a girl be different in 1955? What are examples of ways it could have been better or worse?

What were some things you learned about the 1950s you didn't know before?


Here are some questions for discussion at book club for the second Fifties Chix book, Keeping Secrets:

What did you most enjoy about the book?

Why did the story start out with Mary so angry? How do you think it affected her behavior throughout the book?

What new things did you discover about Miss Boggs, the social studies teacher?

In what ways are the parents of the Fifties Chix acting differently than they did in 1955? Why do you think they respond differently?

If you were involved with an underground paper, what would you contribute? An essay, a poem, a photograph, a comic, or a painting? Something else? What would your subject be if you could say what you wanted to say anonymously?

What do you think James O'Grady's poem meant?

Both Ann's and Mary's families were religious in the 1950s. How are their families different in present day and how do Ann and Mary handle it?

Why do you think Miss Boggs ran away on her wedding day?

Why do you suppose a trip to the mall today for 5 girls from 1955 would be so overwhelming?

What were some of the lessons Mary learned from being a "mom" to a computerized baby?