Mary, Judy, Maxine, Beverly and Ann

Each character in the Fifties Chix series embodies a different historical aspect of 1950s American history.

Dress up
Dress as your favorite Fifties Chix character and tell about yourself (in person, or make a video). What stands out about your personality? What is unique about you? What amazes you about present day?

Predict and Imagine
Predict what you think each girl will be like when she gets back to the 50’s. How will she have changed? What impact will she have on society because of her experiences in the future?

Imagine how each of the Fifties Chix reacts to present day. In what ways is the present day different than 1955? In what ways is it better or worse?
Why do you suppose the girls aren't friends in 1955? Why do they become friends after they time travel?

How are the Fifties Chix perspectives about their situation similar to each other? How are they different? Do any of the Chix have any advantages over the others? Choose a Fifties Chix character that you are most unlike and explain why. Can you understand where (and when!) she is coming from?