Ideas for Extended Activities in History


Treasure Hunt a Decade in History
Research and compare another decade (example: the 20’s, the 30’s) with present day. What has changed? Give examples of changes in home life, politics, sports, pop culture, and the arts.

The following are questions about different Fifties Chix characters in light of their experiences in history and present day. These could be essay questions, or worked into a project to be acted out in a skit, answers written as a diary entry by one of the characters, or portrayed in a piece of artwork.

In Maxine's life...
What are some important historical events that took place between 1955 and present day involving civil rights that would directly affect Maxine Marshall?

The author named Maxine after Thurgood Marshall. Who was he and why was he an important figure in American history? What were some of his accomplishments?

Who were the Little Rock Nine and what did they do?

What does "segregation" mean? In what ways have we moved beyond segregation and in what ways are we still struggling with it?

When did African Americans gain the right to vote? Could all African Americans vote?

In Beverly's life...
How is life different for a girl in 1955 than present day?

What was expected of a girl in 1955? What is expected of a girl in present day? In what ways are things easier or better then or now?

When did women gain the right to vote?

What is "Title IX"? How does it effect girls? Why would it mean so much to Beverly?