Language Arts and Writing

Write a poem from the perspective of one of the Fifties Chix character. The poem could be about life in the 1950s, life in our present day (her future), her experience time traveling, or another character.

Dear Diary
Write a diary entry from the perspective of one of the Fifties Chix. Or use an existing character or create a character of your own who knows the Fifties Chix from home or from school and write a diary entry from your perspective about what you think about any or all of the Fifties Chix.

Create your own glossary of slang terms. If there are words you and friends use as private jokes, list and define them. Imagine slang terms from another era in history, or invent your own slang for a future period. What about writing a glossary that an animal or mystical creature might write to help us understand their terminology? See for ideas and the "Word of the Week" feature.

Be Novel
Write your own mini version of book 2 for this series. What else will happen to each girl in the present?

What is your talisman?
A "talisman" is an object that a character has that is descriptive of who she is (Ann's talisman, for example is her grandmother's paintbrush and Ann is an artist); the talisman is traditionally seen to be "magic," but this "magic" is really just because the character relies on her talisman almost as a crutch; it gives her confidence and boldness (almost like a security blanket!). When a talisman is used in literature, often by the end of the story the talisman is destroyed, but the character discovers that the talent or strength she thought she got from the talisman has actually been within her all the time. Review what the Fifties Chix talismans are and then think about what your talisman would be. Describe it and write a story around it, including how it would help you in certain circumstances and what would happen if your talisman were destroyed.