It's time to play REVIEW THAT BOOK!
Do you love to vote, have your voice heard, or do you want be a talent judge (ala The Voice, American Idol, etc.?) (Or do you have a book report due??) Then you'll want to play Review that Book! If you read and love any of the Fifties Chix books here's how you can help spread the word! You can review the books online at several different sites. Be a trendsetter by speaking up. Share what you liked about the books with the whole world!

Download the attached form to help organize your thoughts and see the generalized points below that about how to create the perfect book review (use these same points for writing a book report).

Here's how to write a review:
1) Give a general, brief synopsis (summary) of the book.
2) No Spoilers! Be careful not to include any spoilers when you indicate what the problems and/or main conflict is. (If you simply *must* include a mild spoiler, be sure to alert the reader ahead of time that you've included a spoiler.)
3) Compare and contrast. Was the story unique? Did it remind you of other books you've liked? If so, which ones?
4) What about the story made an impression on you? The setting? The characters, or a specific character that you related to? The plot - the premise of the story, how it unfolded? The writing style?
5) Recommendation. Is this a book you would recommend to a friend? If so, what type of person would enjoy the book?

Here's where you can review a book:

Select the title you want to review. Click on "Customer Reviews."
Click on “Create Your Own Review.”
Follow the directions to review, then post! (Barnes & Noble)

Select the title you want to review. Scroll down to "Customer Reviews."
When you find the page, scroll down to choose the paperback edition (it will say “pre-order”)
Write your review in the space provided.
It's free to create an account and write a review.
If have a Goodreads account, search for the title you want to review.
When you find the page, add to your shelf (“read”) and review by clicking on how many stars and write your masterpiece.
If have a Amazon account, sign in with that and search for the title you want to review.
When you find the book, click on it and note the tabs under the title, including “Readers and Reviews.” Choose this tab to add to your shelf and review.

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